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Our Element hu cheng pot supports are a simple, compact and affordable alternative to a full tea tray, and still allow you to bathe your pots and play with a bit of water.

Each finish varies in colour, but also other characteristics. The Fire support has a beautiful speckled finish that slightly resembles rust. Underneath also reveals its dark side, while the Water support features a “crackle-under-glaze” finish.

Each of these pot supports measure approximately 13.5 x 3cm (diameter x height) with a 7cm wide pedestal. Each support does vary slightly, so measurements may different from piece to piece. The “water” support has the greatest variation and is smaller than the 3 other colours, measuring 12 – 13.5cm x 2.5cm and with a 6 – 7.5cm pedestal.

Bugs of Fortune, Warrior, Moka and Sesame White gaiwans, as well as Iceberg teapot all sold separately.

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