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This zitao xing cha guan, or “wake up tea jar” is made from 100% Jianshui purple clay. This jar features fun, psychedelic coloured swirls that look wacky from any angle, as well as a metal ring handle on the lid.

The volume of this jar is approximately 600ml, making it suitable for storing about 1/2 of a full (357g) cake (give or take a little). Although it can be used to store any type of tea you choose, purple clay storage is most beneficial to puer as it provide a stable environment and microclimate to preserve an adequate amount of humidity without fluctuations.

This particular container is best used as a transitional storage spot to “wake up” the tea between longer term storage and drinking, although how long you store your tea in it is ultimately up to you.

Please see the “about our teaware” tab above for more information regarding our standards for selection and quality.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 11.5 cm

Please note that all of our zitao purple clay pieces are handmade, therefore there may be slight differences in appearance, shape and size from piece to piece or batch to batch. We make every effort to ensure consistency amongst all pieces, as well as only carry pieces that are free of major or noticeable defects.

While we always try to maintain a high level of craftsmanship for our teaware, handmade pieces like these may have a small nick or bubble in an inconspicuous area from time to time. We guarantee that each piece will look as spectacular in person as it does when we present it. However, if you wish to see a detailed example of what we consider a passable imperfection or would simply like to verify that our current stock is exactly as pictured, please contact us and we will be happy to share.

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