Body & Soul 2020 Dianhong Black Tea & Ripe Puer



After testing out various combinations of material, we eventually settled on an in-house blend of 2018 Bulang shou puer and 2020 Jinggu area dianhong black tea for this creation. The result: an unusual combination of teas with some fantastic results.

There is a pronounced sweetness and fragrance as soon as the water hits this tea. At this point there’s no hiding the fact that there is indeed black tea at play. This fragrance and becomes more obvious with the first sip, exhibiting everything we know and love about a good Yunnan black tea.

Meanwhile, this fragrance is rooted down by a thick mouthfeel and heavy body, but without too much earthiness or interference flavour-wise by the shou puer. These two teas end up producing a well-rounded experience, making you wonder how you never thought of this before.

Is it brilliance or blasphemy? You decide!


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