Don’t Be Sad 2019 Hekai Huangpian Raw Puer

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This blend of old tree Hekai huang pian material, including some Big Old-Ass Tree huang pian, provides a meaty meal of a tea. While most huang pian doesn’t mind being given the grandpa style treatment or being doused in boiling water, if you push this one, it can push back.

Each brick features artwork by Lzhr Artwork in postcard format, giving you the option to keep it or mail it to whoever you choose, whether it be friends, family or enemies.

And because nothing is worse than unlabelled tea bricks, we’ve made sure to label the tea underneath the artwork, just use caution to prevent ripping the paper when separating the postcard from the brick.


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Weight 250 g

3 reviews for Don’t Be Sad 2019 Hekai Huangpian Raw Puer

  1. 4 out of 5


    Typical Hekai mossy woody/green taste that we all love
    Pretty potent Ch Qui wise, looses its breath after some hardcore steeps but every Huangpian user should know that already

  2. 5 out of 5


    Among all the huang pians from BLT, this one is probably the boldest. I haven’t had toomany Hekai/Pasha teas, but I feel like it represents well the character that people tend to talk about in relation to greater Bu Lang area. I have no doubt this tea would age well too.

    The dry leaf smell reminds me of clean pine smoke, but it also has a sweet metallic character that I noticed in all the huang pian teas I’ve been sampling. There is still some light smoke even in the wet leaf aroma, accompanied by notes of mushrooms and dark, bio-rich soil. There is also a very strong honey fragrance in the cup.

    The taste is very astringent, crisp, and tangy with a sour finish. It is somewhat reminiscent of Yunnan green teas of the slightly smoky, woody, and grassy kind. There is a definite dry grass flavour, as well as a pear-like fruitiness. In the aftertaste, notes of fermented fruits/alcohol, rosemary, and myrrh emerge. Overall, it is a pungent profile, although not overly complex in its current young state.

    Another positive for “Don’t be Sad” is the thick, colloidal texture. Together with the astringency, it makes for an engaging mouthfeel, which is further complemented by a strong numbing sensation on the sides of the mouth.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I really enjoyed this one. It has a little edge of peaty smokiness that comes out after the second steeping or so, which I normally am not a fan of but it’s subtle enough to not overwhelm the rest of the flavor. It contrasts nicely with the bright metallic sweetness in the aftertaste. This tea has a nice shape in the mouth and I enjoyed letting the flavor play out by starting hot & quick with my infusions and moving to longer steeps as my water cooled a bit.

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