Fuding Experience: Guanyang Baimudan Set

Fuding Experience: Guanyang Baimudan Set



This pair of teas is both educational and enjoyable. They come from the same small area in Guanyang, Fuding. The material used for each is processed as 2018 Spring baimudan grade white tea.

The primary difference is in the environment, with one tea being from a more tended garden, and the other from trees that have been abandoned and left to grow for a longer period.

In this case, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, just two different results that highlight the impact of environment.

Wander through the Garden:

This tea leans toward a more dominant vegetal and grassy flavour. Compared to its wilder partner, it exhibits a thicker mouth feel and rich body. The texture is creamy and soft, producing a nice feeling in the throat. We recommend trying this tea first when comparing.

Venture Into the Woods:

While this tea also has a nice texture, the focus is more on the fragrance and complexity of flavours. Less grassy than its garden counterpart, this produces much more of a wildflower fragrance that reveals itself in layers and lasts in the mouth.

We highly recommend this tea for both drinking now and storing for periodic or long term comparison.


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Dimensions9 × 9 × 2 cm


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