Infinity 2019 Spring Wuliang Taiwanese Qingxin Wulong



This seriously unique wulong uses Taiwanese Qingxin varietal, but is grown in and processed by a Taiwanese master who, in addition to the tea itself, transplanted his processing skills to the ultra-high mountains of Yunnan, specifically Wuliang shan. While the standard for high mountain wulongs in Taiwan is 1000+ meters altitude, this tea comes from over 2300m, exaggerating the positive impact of altitude on the quality of tea.

This tea is fruity, creamy, smooth, and with a flavour that just won’t quit. A high fragrance of fruit and floral notes, along with a thick mouthfeel make this tea a joy to drink.

While this tea is lighter roasted (traditional charcoal roasting, of course) than its 2017 counterpart, it has still undergone additional roasting to help it preserve fragrance over the years. However, after close to a year of resting, this tea is in an excellent spot already.

For a medium-heavier roast option with more caramel-toasty goodness, we recommend the 2017 version of this tea. But considering the limited availability of both of these, a comparison of both is probably the best choice.


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