Keep Smiling 2019 Laomane Huangpian Raw Puer

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Made from the huang pian of our Bitter End material, this tea is an excellent place for the Laomane-curious to start. There is some inherent bitterness in this tea, but with more rounded off edges and sweetness to balance it out.

Compared to our 2019 Bittersweet, this tea is slightly less aggressive and easier to accept. We recommend comparing the two though, along with our Bitter End regular and Bitter End Xtra.

Each brick features artwork by Lzhr Artwork in postcard format, giving you the option to keep it or mail it to whoever you choose, whether it be friends, family or enemies.

And because nothing is worse than unlabelled tea bricks, we’ve made sure to label the tea underneath the artwork, just use caution to prevent ripping the paper when separating the postcard from the brick.


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Weight250 g

5 reviews for Keep Smiling 2019 Laomane Huangpian Raw Puer

  1. 5 out of 5


    Sometimes huangpian teas are machine sorted in a way that leaves a large amount of buds in the mix. This tea is very much one of those. There is a lot more variety in leaf size with this brick than the other brick, which I think makes this the best candidate for long term aging. But it’s excellent to drink now. I like this one better than the 50g Bittersweet brick. I found that one to be far more bitter and this one to be pretty similar to the regular Bitter End cake. If you like the Bitter End you should get this, I don’t think there’s a huge difference between them.

  2. 4 out of 5


    LaoManE has it spot and I really love them
    The “Keep Smiling” got it Bitterness that I appreciate and compared to the bittersweet brick it really got more of the bitterness but still transform at the 6th to 8th steeps (40/45s) like the bittersweet brick
    Good affordable LaoManE with a slightly more potent taste than its tiny cousin

  3. 4 out of 5

    Martin Eger

    Bulang bitterness is present in this one, but only moderately so. Definitely the most durable of the teas offered in the sampler, but for me, not as good of a choice for balanced daily-drinker (the Jinmai gets the nod here). I agree w/ Shadadams that this would make a good candidate for stashing away to age.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’m usually not into bitter teas, yet I like this one.
    Since the first steep, some light tartness helps balancing the bitterness, and mid-session some sweetness, it’s smooth on the tongue, and overall easy to drink.

  5. 5 out of 5


    ok, this tea took me by surprise. It is so flavourful and tasty! The best huang pian I have tried for sure. The pungent and complex yet balanced character it has is rare to get even among standard sheng. Highly recommended!

    The dry leaf smell is vegetal with notes of green peppercorn and cream. The aroma changes considerably after the leaves are immersed in water. Scents reminiscent of freshly cut grass, petrichor, gin, tobacco, dungeon, and peat come to the fore.

    Taste is bitter, sweet and tangy with a beautiful fruity tartness. Among all the flavours I would highlight those of forest, lemon, spinach, and grapefruit skin. The aftertaste is warming and long-lasting, changing over time from bittersweet to spicy to floral. There are notes such as butter, cinnamon, black pepper, and a strong orchid fragrance that persists.

    The mouthfeel is soft and the body medium thick. The first couple of steeps are drying on the sides of the mouth, and I get a tingling sensation at the back of the mouth throughout the whole session. The cha qi is very pleasant. I would describe its main features as being awakening and chest warming, but the tea does also heighten my perceptions overall.

    It is hard to come up with any negatives of this tea whatsoever. Maybe at times one would like a thicker body, but that’s not necessarily always the case, and the mouthfeel here is more than interesting enough. At $0.11/g, this may even be the best value for a sheng I have ever come across.

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