Nectar 2019 Spring Milanxiang Dancong Wulong



Milanxiang is arguably one of, if not the most common and popular varietals of Dancong. With a distinct honey and orchid scent that is hard not to like.

This mid-mountain, electric roasted Milan comes from ~30-40 year old left to grow bushes, which offers an excellent balance of quality and affordability. By employing a slightly lighter roast than typically used for this varietal, it leans more towards the floral orchid side, with a light honey sweetness accompanying it. A powdery-cream texture that is usually associated with older bush teas is also quite noticeable, making this a truly unique Milan.

We recommend comparing this tea against its high mountain, old bush, charcoal roasted counterpart, our Nectar Top Shelf.

Please note that the 250g size does not include a tin.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Sheilah Newberry

    This Dan Cong is so pleasant! It is so sweet, and the floral notes are so smooth.

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