Sabertooth 2018 Spring Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea



We’re going to be honest – our 2018 Sabertooth Dianhong is possibly the best to date. While we enjoyed the smooth, chocolate flavour of previous years, this year’s version unquestionably has them beat.

This tea demonstrates an unparalleled smooth, sweet and malty character, all in a balanced package that satisfies in a way that other black teas just can’t.

The material for this tea comes from ancient trees in Fengqing, which are machine roasted/baked at a medium-sized facility. Our opinion is that traditional roasting methods are typically preferable to shaihong/sun baked Dianhong, as it allows for greater control and consistency and has been employed since black tea processing began in Yunnan in the 1930s.

We recommend brewing this tea gongfu style to maximize enjoyment and extract the most flavour, however, it will also hold up well with western style brewing and even works well as a cold brew using new or partially spent (3-4 brews in) leaves.

As Dianhong and black teas become more popular within China, we have noticed an increasing number of farmers and producers offering Dianhong (Yunnan black tea, made from material usually used for puer) this year. And naturally, that also means there have been more “gushu” and “wild” Dianhongs popping up too. Our experience sampling has only led us to appreciate this tea all the more.

For those seeking an exceptionally unique black tea made from “wild” tree material (loaded term), we highly recommend checking out our Dark Forest “Wild” Dianhong.


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2 reviews for Sabertooth 2018 Spring Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    DJPAS (verified owner)

    I was so curious to taste this tea and finally I had the chance already the smell is malty but man, the taste maltmadness:)
    I Cant wait to brew this one again, its really special

  2. 5 out of 5

    Christopher (verified owner)

    This carries on the tradition of super amazing Yunnan black/red tea. I’ll leave the tasting notes to the description, because they’re spot on.
    What’s most unique about the Sabertooth teas is that a gongfu session is mor similar in experience to a pu’er session than any other Yunnan black tea. The body of the tea is outstanding, and similar to a nice thick pu’er brew. The aroma is more subtle and rewards attention.
    All of this makes sense given the material, but the processing on this is quite unique, clearly taking care all along the way.
    This is a tea (along with the Dark Forest) that I save for special occasions (even if that’s just treating myself, like right now), maybe once every other month. And with most Yunnan black teas, age can add complexity without an aroma or flavor die-off; at least that is the case here and with a previous version of this tea.
    Here’s hoping for future Sabertooths!

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