Year of the Bull Noir 2021 Spring Dianhong Black Tea



Made from the same Yiwu material as our yearly raw puer cake of the same name, this tea is a bit of an experimental offering for 2021. This is the first time we’ve processed it as a black tea, and this was done using machine roasting, as opposed to “shaihong” (sun baked) that is common among smaller producers in Yunnnan. We personally prefer machine roasted black for their consistency and control.

We’ll be monitoring how it holds up over the next year to decide whether or not this can develop into a bigger production for future years, but we’d like to enroll your help in evaluating it. In other words, don’t blame us if you hate it a few months later, because we told you it’s experimental.

But seriously, so far so good. This tea is sweet and smooth without any noticeable bitter or sour notes. A gentle roastiness and fruity sweetness give this tea a nice dynamic.

For those not familiar with the raw puer version of this tea, the material used for this comes from ~45 year old “left to grow” trees in Yiwu. These former plantation trees have been left to grow in as natural an environment as possible, with no pesticides, fertilizer, weed killer or over picking. The result is lower overall output, but much, much better quality and value in terms of what is picked.

This tea is only available in 100g sizes. The 200g size is simply 2 x 100g tins at a slightly better price.


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