Dancong Rainbow 2022 Oolong Set

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If you’ve already had a look at our Dancong selection for 2022 and can’t pick between them, then this set is not only the easy solution, but will also save you 10%.

This set is available in 3 sizes for those who are curious about (15g samples), like (40g tins) and truly love (100g tins) Dancong.

Please note that our Bouquet 2022 Dancong Huangpian is only included in the 100g tin set of both as a free bonus. The leaves are too big and unruly to bother making samples, but you can still add a 80g tin to the other sets by purchasing separately here.

Choose either the Standard Set, Top Shelf Set or both in just one click. Teas included are:

Standard Set:

  • Easy Breezy 2022 Spring Yashi Xiang
  • Citrus Grandis 2022 Spring Youhua Xiang
  • Cinnamon Sky 2022 Spring Rougui
  • Make It Rain 2022 Spring Aofuhou

Top Shelf Set:

  • Silver & Gold 2022 Spring Yashi Xiang
  • Praise Bee 2022 Spring Milan Xiang
  • Hestia 2022 Spring Jiangmu Xiang
  • Ambrosia 2022 Spring Baxian


We recommend brewing this tea using Chaozhou style gongfu brewing. Here’s how it’s done:

For something different, you can also try cold brewing:

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