Dark Forest 2019 Fengqing Gushu Dianhong


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This dianhong is something that any black tea lover can’t afford to pass up.

Now, the term “wild” is something that we typically don’t like to throw around too much. It’s often misused and misapplied, and there is no true consensus or standard definition for it. In this case, we feel it’s safe to say that this tea is not from your ordinary garden varietal though, so to speak. Due to this difference in varietal and environment, the dry leaf of this tea also appears significantly darker and without the presence of golden buds.

This tea has a very rich flavour, with a smooth and sweet profile. While we don’t typically like to lead people with very specific flavours, but a noticeable cherry taste is present as well. It also presents a unique fragrance, which makes itself known before even taking a sip, and lingers in the mouth well after that.

Part of this tea’s unique character is due to its processing style, which doesn’t see it quite as fully oxidized as most black teas. This allows it to develop with age, making it suitable for storage of at least 2 years.

We recommend insist on brewing this tea gongfu style in order to extract the most enjoyment and range of flavour. We also strongly recommend using lower temperature water at this stage, around 80-85c.

Picking period: Pre-April 12

Please note that the 250g size does not include a tin.


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