Ducktale Spring 2016 Yashixiang Dancong Oolong


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Ya shi xiang (鸭屎香), or “duck shit fragrance” is likely the dancong oolong with the best name. There are several theories regarding the origin of this tea’s name, but one tale in particular prevails.

A commonly held origin tale is that there was a farmer who had this tea bush with an especially unique fragrance. It was quite popular, and thus many outsiders wanted to steal the bush in order to grow their own. To throw the scent off, so to speak, the farmer started claiming that his ducks would spend a lot of time around this bush, doing duck things – like pooping. He then claimed the tea and soil it grows in was ruined and tainted. This clearly deterred no one, and has only since become a part of this tea’s identity.

There are other simpler theories and tales, but in the end, they’re just that – stories. The important take-away is that this varietal has a very distinct, floral fragrance. In recent years, tea associations in China have tried to clean up the image of this tea by assigning a more sanitized name: “silver flower”, albeit with little to no real success.

Our Spring 2016 Ducktale ya shi xiang dancong comes from old bushes (50+ years old) on Wudong Shan in the Fenghuang tea mountains and is grown at high altitude (1000+ meters). These environmental factors play an enormous role in producing one of the best dancongs we’ve tasted.

This light roasted tea carries its signature fragrance, without being overly perfumed. The other most noticeable feature is an exceptional mouthfeel. The liquor is very smooth and rolls in the mouth, coating down through the throat. In the end there is a milky aftertaste, which is also very noticeable when smelling your empty cup or gaiwan lid after brewing.

This tea has been tested for safe levels of common agrochemicals and has passed with virtually no detectable amounts. For more details or a full copy of the report, please contact us.


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2 reviews for Ducktale Spring 2016 Yashixiang Dancong Oolong

  1. 5 out of 5

    This Duck Tale (Duck Shit or Yashixiang Dancong) from Bitterleaf Teas was just and simple said a MASTERPIECE! But beside that there is nothing simple or plain about this complex and so wonderfully composed Dancong. Already in his dry stage this big leaved fellow welcomes you to its private premiere with non salted popcorn, nutty hazelnut and pine nuts flavors plus an elegant floral layer to it.

    Later bathing in its steaming new environment a thick sweet soy milk, honey, floral and vanilla aroma spreading their astonishing flavors in every direction.This full cup exhaled such a distinct fruity aroma of mango with a tiny sign of raspberry at the end of this scent.

    Taking the first sip this Dancong develops such a creamy complex well balanced and with an lets call it noble taste to it. Taste-wise the aftertaste is the main actor and really creates such a great overall mouth feel you wouldn’t believe. But first you will notice a creamy slightly citrus feeling followed by a distinct sweetness of fine pastries like steaming waffles and a hint of soft fresh raspberry muffin. A fine nutty fusion of pine nuts, a hint of corn and hazelnut rounds out the flavors perfectly. In some ways it really reminds me of a Taiwanese Baozhong – a fresh not baked one. The aftertaste also brings a warming calm down feeling to it which is mostly noticeable within your throat and after a short time like a fine tingling within your lower cheek sections. If you stick your nose deeply into this empty cup after you took the last sip it really overwhelms you with such a distinct honey floral aroma – just a masterpiece. Sorry but I am just so excited in this very moment because this Dancong Duck Shit is as far away from shit as it could possible be – this Oolong really amazes me on so many levels. The aftertaste is a bless just freaking amazing and so intense with all its floral honey and nutty tasting notes combined together to something so well composed that even the Mozart of tea couldn’t do it better. If you siting in front of this tea magnolia and orchid covered with a fine honey-ish layer pleases your senses in every possible way and fills the air with joy. Even within his third or fourth steeping there is no loss to be found – in fact it gets even stronger with such a dense creaminess.
    Not only the taste was outstanding also the size of the leaves were massive. In this whole time there wasn’t even a slightly hint of bitterness to it. I highly recommend this Dancong!

  2. 5 out of 5

    The absolute SWEETEST oolong I’ve tasted to date!! This tea is simply remarkable. Such sweet, fragrant, creamy, smooth, long lasting. Calms you right to your core! I HIGHLY recommend!!

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