Forest Echo 2023 Spring Zhilan Xiang Dancong Oolong



Elegant and rich, this tea delivers an unmistakable wild orchid fragrance, for which this varietal is named after. In addition to the orchid fragrance, there is also a pleasant note of magnolia.

While this is highly fragrant, there is still substantial body and minerality, making this an excellent all around dancong that doesn’t just rely on an enticing fragrance that floats away. The flavour lingers well after taking a sip, with a nice huigan/sweetness returning in the throat.

This tea is an excellent starting point for anyone dipping their toes into Dancong, let alone those looking for a well performing value tea.

Please note that the 250g size does not include a tin.


We recommend brewing this tea using Chaozhou style gongfu brewing. Here’s how it’s done:

For something different, you can also try cold brewing:

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