Nightcap 2004 Fuzhuan Anhua Heicha



This tea embodies everything there is to love about Anhua fuzhuan heicha: A smooth texture, malty sweetness, and a distinct fragrance due to the use of pine smoke. The sweetness lasts in the mouth and this tea provides an overall warm feeling.

As with any good fuzhuan, much of its character is due to those precious golden flowers, which are actually a (good) fungus that grows on the brick. If you’re new to heicha, that might not sound appealing, but it’ll all make sense once you give it a try.

We strongly recommend that for those who purchase a full brick (1kg) or half brick (500g), to start drinking this tea from the center of the brick and work your way towards the edges, as the center contains the highest concentration of golden flowers.


We do not advise this tea for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity due to the inoculation process for the golden flowers, which can involve wheat flour.

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1 review for Nightcap 2004 Fuzhuan Anhua Heicha

  1. 5 out of 5

    THOMAS MITCHELL (verified owner)

    This tea is all about cherry. The aroma drifting from the cup is of fruity cherries. Almost a cherry pipe tobacco smell. The early taste includes a fruitiness, I didn’t want to call it cherry, but it is. I ate a dried bing cherry after tasting this tea just to see if I could call it cherry flavored and that is the taste to me. Offers a long full session leaving a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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