Marzipan Spring 2017 Xingrenxiang Dancong Oolong


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One of two new Dancong varietals we’ve added from 2017, our Marzipan xing ren xiang (杏仁香/almond scent) is an aptly named varietal, displaying a smooth nutty taste that’s accompanied by a distinct cinnamon flavour and sweet character.

This tea comes from old bushes (50+ year old) on Wudong shan in the Fenghuang (phoenix) tea mountains and is considered high-altitude (grown at 1000+ meters). These factors contribute to this tea’s quality, allowing for a thick texture in the mouth and a pleasant fragrance that is left lingering in the mouth and throat.

Please note that larger sizes (100-250g) do not include a tin, but will be packed inside air tubes to prevent breakage.


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