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Mi lan xiang (蜜兰香/honey-orchid scent) dancong oolong has an unsurprisingly honey-sweet liquor and noticeable orchid fragrance. This varietal has a profile that is very easy to accept, and part of the reason it is one of the most popular and commonly found dancongs.

Grown at over 1000 meters on Wudong Shan in the Fenghuang tea mountains, our Spring 2016 Top Shelf Nectar is a premium version of our mid-mountain Nectar mi lan xiang dancong oolong. This old (50+ year) bush dancong exhibits an immediately noticeable and lasting fragrance and apricot scent. This fragrance bounces around in the mouth for a while, accompanied by a great huigan.

We recommend trying this tea in comparison with our “Nectar” mi lan xiang dancong in order to compare the difference in quality and results of the same varietal grown at different altitudes. While we feel both of these teas are great values in the price ranges a comparison demonstrates the difference that altitude and tree age makes in quality.

This tea has been tested for safe levels of common agrochemicals and has passed with virtually no detectable amounts. For more details or a full copy of the report, please contact us.


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1 review for Nectar Top Shelf Spring 2016 Milanxiang Dancong Oolong

  1. 5 out of 5

    Already those dried leaves spread out such a very nicely baked scent with a very herbal citrus hint of Ginger and ginseng plus a very nutty typical texture of pine nuts and grape seeds. Even in their dry stage those leaves really watering your mouth in expectations of the coming taste. Rinsed once, soaked in boiled water and steaming up the heat of their first bath the whole aroma gets even more heightened with a deep pickled cherry kind of flavor or like cherry jam. Beside that there is a very certain herbal note to it which reminds me again of ginseng but with a fruity aspect of lychee or best to say Chinese longan to it.

    Those are also the first impressions you might get while tasting this wonderful and marvelous composed Dancong Oolong. The sweetness level is very dominant but well balanced with the herbal aspects and the finish of a slightly subtle bitterness at the end of it. But taste-wise there is a lot more going on and slightly different because this sourness within the aroma of longan before isn’t that much noticeable anymore. Instead there is a more lychee going on but first and foremost a very clear and straight to the point pine apple juicy flair to it. But the pine apples do not work alone they got a very lovely ally within their fruity fusion – Maracuya (Passion Fruit). Calling those the main actors so far there are some small but not unimportant cast member left like very sweet red apples and Asian pear. In the case of this Milan Dancong there isn’t a very intense warming or tingling feeling within the mouth region but instead this whole fruitiness covers your tongue, palatal, inner cheek sections and throat with a fine layer of this artistically composed symphony of aromatic pleasures for a very long time – it nearly sticks like the best glue ever to every tasting buds your inner mouth section could possible offer. Altogether the whole tasting experience reminded me a lot of a very nicely well-orchestrated multi vitamin juice. There is a certain floral aspect to it too but quite hard to put it to a certain flower typ – most I would say orchid and a hint of magnolia would suite the description the best. Talking about the herbal aspects again the two main parts which put this taste in line the best would be ginseng and cinnamon bark. There is definitely a honey sweetness to it too but more like a subtle layer very fine and thin on every of those named aspects before. Even with a great amount on leaves this Dancong isn’t getting anywhere near to be actually bitter – in fact there is just a elegant version of it at the end of every sip – light and well placed – taste-wise like if you would bite on grape seeds.

    As you can see – writing about this Dancong nearly puts no end to it – same as the taste of this fellow. It goes on for many rounds at least 8-10 and in those cases with nearly exact the same profile and complexity as the infusion before. This Milan Dancong is a total winner! Generally speaking I am really impressed by the quality of Bitterleaf Teas product line. Those Dancong’s and Sheng Pu-erh’s are one of the best I’ve ever enjoyed so far and I enjoyed a lot 😉

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