Nightingale Spring 2017 Yelaixiang Single Bush Dancong Oolong


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Our Spring 2017 Nightingale ye lai xiang (夜来香/night fragrance) Dancong represents a higher tier of Dancong than what is commonly available. Although the word Dancong (单丛) literally translates as “single bush”, these days it more or less just refers to this classification of oolong made from single varietals grown in the Fneghuang tea mountains.

In this case, our Nightingale Dancong comes from a single, old (50+ years) bush grown at high altitude (1000+ meters) on Wudong shan. The result is a tea with a pronounced, yet well-balanced floral scent that fills the mouth and lingers well after you’ve taken a sip. The mouth-feel is rich and thick, coating the sides of the mouth and throat. This tea is an all-around thoroughly pleasant experience.

We highly recommend this tea to those wishing to experience a level of Dancong that’s not commonly available. While we purchased as much of this tea as was available, we were still only able to obtain a very small amount considering this is from a single bush harvest.


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1 review for Nightingale Spring 2017 Yelaixiang Single Bush Dancong Oolong

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Love it, this tea is amazing! The leaves are very delicate and tiny – slightly twisted. The most common color is fudge but there is some golden hues. This smell; WOW! Orange blossom all the way! Quite intense! The texture is velvety and have a certain sweetness. Fresh dough, zesty notes. Nice mouth coating! Can’t ask for more!

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