Impress Forcibly Through Unexpectedness 2020 Spring Wuliang Baimudan White Tea



Made from Wuliang shan material that is typically used for puer, this baimudan grade white tea is a perfect example of how unique Yunnan white teas can be.

This tea has a crisp, clear fragrance up front and a long lasting sweetness in the mouth and throat. The flavour plays a delicate balancing act between floral and fruity. And while we normally stray away from commenting on specific notes, this tea has enough of an apple cider note that we feel it’s worth mentioning.

This tea was one of the more surprising and satisfying finds for 2020, performing like a tea 2-3x the price.

For fans of our annual White Crow Shoumei, we strongly recommend this tea as a companion cake, as together they highlight the differences the leaf grade can make in terms of delicateness, texture and flavour.


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3 reviews for Impress Forcibly Through Unexpectedness 2020 Spring Wuliang Baimudan White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mindlyplays (verified owner)

    That is the first white tea I really love. Often white teas have an unpleasent note in the background to me, but this one does not have that at all. This tea is incredibly creamy, floral and even slightly fruity (especially in the first three infusions). I could not stop sniffing the wet leaves, because they really have an interesting lemony-apply-creamy scent with the more typical Bai Mu Dan floweriness along. The taste is in the first infusions similar, very sweet and creamy, reminding me of some delicious lemon cream desert (with some flower). After infusion 4 or so the tea tastes more like a typical Bai Mu Dan, just without that odd aftertaste I often dislike; so creamy and flowery. That really was my surprise tea this year (I count it to 2020 still), because its my first white tea I will be very sad about when its gone.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Carsten (verified owner)

    Smooth, creamy and delicate.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Daniel969 (verified owner)

    I was at first drawn to this tea by the art on the wrapping! But when I tasted it I was sad I hadn’t bought a whole cake! Notes of fresh flowers and crispy apples first caughts up in a sweet balance. Then some hints of cinammon and honey comes to finish in grace! Definitly part of my next order if still available!

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