Tiger Sniffs the Rose 2021 Naka White Tea



An unexpected addition to our white teas for 2021, this tea is a joy to drink. It initially offers a sweet fruitiness, but steadily develops more dominant florals as the session continues.

Made from Naka material that is usually destined to become raw puer, this tea offers much of the similar depth and body as the raw puer from this region, but in the firm yet gentle form of a white tea.

This tea is almost too good to be true, especially given the affordable price. It’s safe to say this tea easily falls into the drink-now and store a tong for later category.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Martin Ödman (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical before trying this: a white tea from Naka, at this price point? What’s the catch, is this some kind of gimmick? After trying this tea twice my concerns were put to rest. To me, the fragrance and taste of this tea isn’t as prominent as some other BLT white tea offerings. White Crow and Impress forcibly has a very prominent aftertaste and more fruitiness, the latter almost tasting like apple juice. This tea is more subdued and has oxidised a fair bit already. No specific notes come to mind. Some drinkers may be put off by this.

    But some people seek out teas with strong effects on the body and mind, prioritizing this before fragrance. And that is where this tea delivers. It has a very nice head-oriented energy. Visual field expands, staring at things becomes fascinating, energy surges throughout the body and enhances bodily awareness. It’s a deep but at the same time calm energy. I find myself wanting to close my eyes and just be. This is all very personal of course.

    Some people say that only sheng puerh has cha qi, and that it’s the processing that “unlocks” this aspect regardless of the leaves used. It would be interesting to drink this tea with a person arguing for this and see if they change their minds.

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