Synesthesia 2018 Mengding Yellow Tea



The old us would never believe you could press yellow tea and store it with good results. After drinking this tea, we were wrong.

Against our expectations, this 2018 yellow tea offers up truly unique experience that opens all the senses. Made from 1 bud and 1-2 leaves qunti zhong (varietal) material in Mengding, Sichuan, this traditionally processed yellow tea has been pressed into 100g cakes that have been carefully stored for over 3 years.

The tea still maintains a dominant yellow tea flavour that is sweet and smooth, with diminished vegetal notes and green tea nuttiness. However, unlike a green tea that will simply lose fragrance and complexity over time, this tea has has maintained it’s flavour very well and taken on a slight aged note in a short amount of time, more similar to an aged white tea or heicha, as opposed to aged raw puer.

More than a gimmick, this is a highly enjoyable yellow tea that is unforgettable once you’ve tried it. Storage-wise, we recommend storing this tea similarly to a white tea, which means preferably sealed with minimal exposure to oxygen, room temperature or a little lower, low humidity and no exposure to light or strong fragrances.


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