Alter Ego 2021 Mansa Raw Puer Huangpian



Made from the huangpian material of the same year’s OCISLY, formerly WMD, this tea is a window into premium puer without the premium prices.

This Mansa huangpian consists of the larger yellow leaves that are separated from raw puer after it’s been dried. Aside from the differences in appearance, this tea offers a smoother, sweeter and less aggressive experience compared to its fresh growth counterpart.

While this tea might be less complex, some similarities remain in terms of fragrance, texture and energy/chaqi. One of our favourite huangpians over the years, this tea is a strong candidate for storage and daily drinking.


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2 reviews for Alter Ego 2021 Mansa Raw Puer Huangpian

  1. 5 out of 5

    Martin Ödman (verified owner)

    My five star rating takes this into consideration: the price and the fact that it’s huang pian. I’ve gone through a few old arbor huang pian cakes lately because I like their clean overall feeling and the amount of body feel I get for my money. This tea wins over the others in the taste department: the characteristic old arbor HP acidity and overall crudeness is there, but this tea has more aftertaste, more complexity and fewer (if any) unpleasant elements compared to the other ones I’ve tried. Has pretty good stamina also.

    For me though, the body feel is the main selling point of these teas, not the taste. Some young old arbor HP cakes bring stronger body effects and can be a bit much when leafed hard which sometimes is desirable, but Alter Ego makes me feel both relaxed, energised and mindfully present in a way that feels friendly and clean but not lacking. It simply hits the spot for me, pleasant overall

    This is still huang pian. Of course there’s a tradeoff for the low price, expect nothing else. You’re getting 1 kg of leaves for the same price as a decent young sheng cake. But if you enjoy old arbor HP I think this is a tea well worth exploring. I bought a tong blind and I might get another one unless this sells out fast, because I see myself casually reaching for this over and over again to make my day better

  2. 5 out of 5

    Pipedreamy (verified owner)

    Considering the price and the material used you cannot go wrong with this tea. Perhaps a little lighter in flavour than some other HP productions it still has plenty on offer while remaining very clean tasting from brew to brew. For me where it really shines is boiling; this tea boils up wonderfully once you’re done with it in the gaiwan. At the price it’s tempting to tong up and check back on it in a few years. Just grab a cake!

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