Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer
Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer

Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer



We didn’t want to like this tea. We really didn’t. The name Xigui comes with some mighty high expectations and typically equally high prices. But when you taste it, it’s not hard to tell why, and this tea demonstrates that perfectly.

This tea manages to take you from 0-100 from one brew to the next. The first infusion is surprisingly light, although the trademark Xigui fragrance is unmistakable. It’s the next infusions that hit much harder, with shifting levels of kuwei (pleasant bitterness), mineral sweetness, fragrance and even notes of honey in the later steeps.

A pleasant energy and body feeling that builds throughout the session make this about as fun a ride as you can have with a tea. We strongly recommend this tea for anyone who enjoys being happy.

This tea manages to balance quality and accessibility by using huncai (mixed) material. While this term is a bit vague, it typically refers to younger arbour trees that have been picked along with some larger trees growing among them. How old and the ratio is anyone’s guess, so take this with a grain of salt.

Picking period: Pre-April 20


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4 reviews for Buckle Up 2021 Xigui Raw Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jess Berler

    I’m not good at writing tasting notes, so just buy it. This tea is excellent. It’s the first tea I’ve ever considered buying a full tong.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Skullblaka (verified owner)

    *This is my first review and taste/enjoyment is subjective*
    Brewed Specs: Boiling or near boiling water, 90-110 ml Gaiwan, 6 grams of tea, started off with ~7-10 second steeps with 5-15 sec increase between steeps.
    Leaves Smell: smelled like smores and sweets at first (sandalwood, sugar), moved to persimmons (spicy citrus).
    Leaves Size: medium size, lots of broken particulate (was a sample and I wanted the flavor)
    Color: Golden, more on the green/yellow side.
    Taste: Initially tasted astringent (not too off putting for me) and orange , menthol, small amount of vegetal. There is some underlying sweetness that seems like candy/baking (caramelized sugar) pretty faint. In later steeps 4-8 it becomes more like a persimmon (spicy citron/orange) with a little orange pith. Made a cold brew with remaining leaves and it was sharp and refreshing.

    Body feel: Excited Energy moving to a calm feeling, had a little bit of headiness after ~7-8 steeps but quickly went away.
    Final Thoughts: Very interesting tea with nice orange taste and some menthol/sweetness/spices to keep it interesting. Astringency was noticeable (however, it never was overpowering to me), but relaxed after a few steeps. One of my favorite Raw Puer I have tried in the last year so far. The price point of 0.65 (USD$/g) is high, but maybe some what justified. Will consider getting a cake of this as I would most assuredly drink again!

  3. 5 out of 5

    grifty (verified owner)

    I agree with the description of Buckle Up…Yes, it builds up, just as the rollercoaster image suggests. More and more intense flavour with each brew. I found similarity to Skullblaka’s tasting notes, especially the persimmon, orange and spice.

    I’ve had three sessions. Each was calm and really satisfying. I did less of a buckle up and more of a chill out. Good stuff!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    This tea smells “alive”: herbaceous, wet hay, summer flowers, berries, marmalade and summer freshness. The creamy-thick texture makes my mouth wriggle of joy! Soup-wise I got: honey sweetness, cooked vegetables, vanilla pudding, salty herbs and broth.

    You can’t get enough of the tea and each session will always ends too soon. Joy and happiness is how you’ll feel, I promise. ^^

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