Eminence 2021 Naka Raw Puer



It’s hard to be good at everything, yet some how this tea manages just that. From the first brew, this old tree Naka places a strong emphasis on mouthfeel and texture, along with a noticeable huigan and aftertaste. From the 2nd or 3rd brew a more prominent flavour comes into play, with characteristic minerality and stone-fruit flavours.

The tea continues to evolve across many infusions in terms of flavour and feeling, making it a good choice for when you want to enjoy a long, focused session.

The local terrain also imparts a nice “Yanyun”, which roughly refers to the inherent qualities of tea that grows in rocky terrain. This is most often associated with Wuyi Yancha, but the same qualities can be found in Naka. While the definition of Yanyun can be a bit difficult to pin down, it tends to relate mostly to the qualities of energy/chaqi, texture, sweetness and flavour/fragrance.

This tea offers a good opportunity for comparison with our OG Naka. While they share many similarities, the older tree distinction highlights a smoother, more refined quality, while the OG Naka maintains some rougher edges and astringency.

Picking period: Pre-March 27


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