“Fresh” 2023 Spring Yiwu Maocha

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This tea is our way of sharing our favourite part of the tea season with you. Aged tea is great and all, but there’s something about that fresh, just processed maocha. Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to be in Yunnan during the tea season knows what we’re talking about. There’s a crisp fragrance that only new teas have.

This is also the time of year we start getting the most inquiries about when new spring teas will be ready, which is always answered with “after the 3Ps” (just came up with that on the spot): Processed, Paid for & Pressed. You could add “rested” on there too, but then it breaks the alliteration.

However, this all takes time and usually means that by the time the tea gets to you, that super fresh maocha we love has already become a young sheng cake.

For now, we have a limited amount of maocha on offer, picked and processed within the last week (~April 5-8) with the intention of bringing the experience of being in the tea mountains to you.

We can’t guarantee that it will be as fresh as we’d like by the time it gets to you, as shipping time seems to span from 7-34 days on the extreme ends, but it’s worth a roll of the dice. Worst case scenario, you end up with an affordable, tasty maocha that is ~ 1 month fresh.

The tea used for this experience is the maocha from our Year of the Rabbit Yiwu. A fragrant, sweet, and approachable sheng that many of you already have enjoyed from previous years. At the very least, this also provides an opportunity to hold some of the maocha and cake (to be released in May… ish) simultaneously and compare how they perform and age.

Each purchase is for 50 grams.


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