Of Course I Still Love You 2021 Spring Mansa Raw Puer



After a 3 year hiatus, Mansa is back in the family for 2021. One of our favourite areas, Mansa lies just north of Yiwu, along the border with Laos.

This tea comes from a single area of pretty darn old trees growing on what was, until recent years, abandoned land. The result is a tea that produces some of the more noticeable body feeling we’ve experienced and has an exceptionally strong energy.

The flavour presents itself as a slightly more aggressive Yiwu. There is a deep, pleasant fragrance that lingers, but also more of a pleasantly bitter and rougher edge to it this year, which quickly evolves into sweetness.

As with good old tree material, the soup produces a full and thick feeling in the mouth, adding another dynamic to the drinking experience. Overall, this is a tea that handily outperforms many others in its price range.

Even with a 3 year absence, our love for this Mansa hasn’t waned.

Picking period: Pre-April 12


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2 reviews for Of Course I Still Love You 2021 Spring Mansa Raw Puer

  1. 4 out of 5

    Lia Kozhiashvili

    Good tea for an easy session. It’s very fragrant, with plenty of citrusy notes. Citruses are prevalent also in the flavor. It has solid huigan, with very short bitter bite and prolonged sweetness. Texture is medium thick and the body sensation is betweeen calming and uplifting (starts as calming and finally builds in uplifting, after 4-5 infusions.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    This tea is a pure pleasure to drink. It has a strong aroma of grassy fields in the countryside and the cloudy liquor immediately announces how thick the texture will be. It’s delicious like: buttery croissants, wheat growing near a field of flowers, shortbread cookies (& wet rock?). I really love the juicy sensation in the mouth that lingers for a long time after each sip. No matter I you felt before the session, drinking this tea will make you smile for no reason and you will be surrounded by tea happiness. Do you a favour and choose the cake option right away. ;^)

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