Palate 2017 Fall Raw Puer – Rou (200g Cake)

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Made from quality 2017 fall Yiwu material, this tea exhibits a noticeably soft texture (hence the name) with plenty of fragrance and a sweet, lasting huigan.

Descriptions of texture can be overlooked at times, but for higher quality teas become an important trait. The sensory enjoyment of puer extends beyond taste and smell, with texture and mouth feel playing an important role. Teas richer in content will often produce a more pronounced thickness and rolling feeling in the mouth, as opposed to a thinner, water-like texture.

This cake is made from the “rou” material of our Palate tasting set, which also includes examples of bitter (ku), sweet (tian) and a fragrant (xiang) puer.


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 1 cm


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