Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Treat Yourself 2021 Raw Puer Set
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer
Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer

Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer



What can we say about this tea that we haven’t said before? Only that we love it more than ever. One of our most popular teas for 3 years and running, this Mengsong raw puer has an exceptional fragrance and bold flavour. This is accompanied by a pleasant bitterness that stops just short of being brash, turning to a gentle sweetness that takes over the mouth and throat.

The name makes more sense with time, as plum and stonefruit notes come out with several years of storage. These notes might be detectable to a degree early on, but our experience has been that this is a tea that rewards those with patience.

The material for this tea comes from ~45 year old “fangyang” (放养/left to grow) trees that are not treated with pesticides, fertilizer or any other intervention outside of picking. This is hands down our preferred type of material as it often lends a richer flavour and texture, but at a more affordable level than gushu, old or sometimes dubiously labelled “wild” trees.

While we hope to bring this tea back in future seasons, this could be the last time it’s offered. Due to the quality of environment and how the trees are tended to, this tea performs better than expected for trees this age. This has caused the price to steadily (and justifiably) increase since we first visited 4 years ago. We’ve tried to absorb most of the increases, but by this time next year it might be we may have to let go. Either way, we’ve got our tongs stashed away.

Picking period: Pre-March 28th


Many of our samples for spring 2021 are in dragon ball form. While these balls will perform the same as the cake, they can be slightly trickier to brew. Here’s how we do it:

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 1 cm

2 reviews for Plum Beauty 2021 Mengsong Raw Puer

  1. 4 out of 5

    Martin Ödman (verified owner)

    Wet leaf has a smell that I can only describe as a bit “gamey” and “wild”. Maybe it’s because I’ve read the product description and know that these are from trees left to their own devices, but I feel this coming through in the overall experience of drinking the tea. Feels natural and clean! Drinking it brings me closer to nature somehow, the environment seems to be present in the cup. I prefer this over a dubious blend of plantation material with better aromatics in this price range.

    The soup is easy to drink and pretty subdued in terms of fragrance. This tea is easy to like. It just tastes good, mainly from the combination of the easy going sweetness combined with the round bitterness. Low astringency if any.

    Any downsides? Not really, considering the price and age of the trees. It may not be the most impressive or aromatic tea I’ve had, but there’s absolutely nothing that I don’t like about it. You won’t get a huge amount of steeps out of it. And I don’t get anything extreme in terms of body feel. This is just a solid, simple tea that I find perfect to start the day off with then I want to drink young sheng but I don’t want to feel obliged to pay too much attention. It has everything I look for in a daily drinker.

    I’d like to rate this 4,5 stars. I’ll put it at a 4, simply because I hope it will turn into a 5 with some years on it. I don’t know a whole lot about which teas age well but the round bitterness of this tea seems promising for the future. I feel good about having a tong of this stashed away, but it will be hard to keep my hands away from these cakes because it’s already great to drink now. Thanks for sourcing this!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    I compared the 2021 version to the 2018 version. I note some interesting differences. Here are some of them.
    //Nose dry leaf:
    2018 — Mouth-watering smell, floral, leather
    2021 – Parfumed, floral summer lightness

    //Nose wet leaf:
    2018 – More culinary than the dry version, tomatoes, herbs, cooked meal
    2021 – Wet hay, cooked asparagus, floral, corn

    //Mouth texture
    The 2018 version has a thinner texture than the 2021, but both generously coat the mouth

    //Mouth taste
    2018 — Honey diluted in water, more than a sensation than a flavor (soft)
    2021 – Flowery agar-agar pudding, hay, wet rock

    Both of them are great. If you’re not used to horizontal tasting, I warmly recommend that you give it a try. It’s fun and it place teas in perspective against the others.

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