Secret Garden 2017 Manzhuan Old Tree Raw Puer


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This year saw the Secret Garden change its home from an undisclosed stretch outside of Yiwu, with rising popularity and climbing prices, to a remote location in Manzhuan. The Secret Garden keeps no fixed address.

While our 2016 incarnation shares a similar profile with its predecessor in terms of a gentle approach and slight roughness, its most notable aspect is the presence of sweet fruit notes. This tea is initially nimble and sweet, but there is also a pleasant bitterness/kuwei that hides in the back, as well as a nice, lasting huigan.

Again, please note that this year’s Secret Garden is not the same tea as we provided in 2016. However, we feel that this tea still falls into a comparable class in terms of character, quality and mid-range value. Those who enjoyed 2016’s tea are likely to find this year’s equally enjoyable.

This tea has been lab tested for traces of 191 pesticides and is guaranteed to be under the European maximum residue limit. For a copy of the lab report and details, please contact us.


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