The Tea Market Experience

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Welcome to the Tea Market Experience.

This is your opportunity to browse the tea markets of Kunming and beyond from your own home. Each month or 2 we will change it up with a new interesting, unique and/or educational tea that we wouldn’t otherwise make available. No subscription is required, but these teas are limited in quantity.

This month’s tea is half of full-sized (400g) cake of 2008 Mahei raw puer. Keep in mind that these cakes loose some weight over time, so you may receive a little less (~5%) than 200g.

We took advantage of a few nights in Menghai to wander through some shops and see what they had in store, literally. We set out with the goal of finding some aged tea, but it didn’t hit upon the right shops that have anything older than 10-12 years.

What we did find is an Yiwu region tea that still has enough age on it to produce a smooth, sweet flavour, but without being flattened too much. Considering this tea has spent over a decade in a semi-humid environment, it has maintained a good level of fragrance as well. The question is, is this real Mahei tea? We’ll leave that for you to decide. We’ll also remind you that at one point we carried a Mahei huangpian with only 1 extra year of age on it for considerably more.

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