Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea

Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea



Before we go any further, take everything you know and expect from a Yunnan white tea and just put that aside for now.

When talking about Yunnan white teas, Moonlight white or Shoumei/Baimudan grade white teas made from Yunnan big leaf varietal most often come to mind. However, this Simao (Puer) region white tea is not anything like those. This tea is noticeably different from the first glance, with smaller leaves and a more uniform green appearance.

Flavour-wise, this tea also stands out, with a predominantly vegetal and grassy flavour that turns to a sweet finish. Overall this tea is light and refreshing, making it a good anytime-tea and a good candidate for cold brewing on hot days. We recommend reducing the amount of leaf to at least 1g:20ml or less for this tea. It expands quite a bit, but this lower ratio will also provide a more floral fragrance and prevent it from tasting overly “green”. Of course, we also advise you experiment with different parameters yourself to find out what you enjoy most.

This is one of the more delicate teas we’ve carried, not just in terms of flavour, but also the leaves. The leaves may break easily when being separated from the cake.

This tea makes for an excellent budget white tea without sacrificing quality. The material used is a blend of 1st (1 bud, 1 leaf) and 2nd grade (1 bud, 2 leaves) material from ~40 year plantation fields that use no pesticides or fertilizer. This tea has been tested and passed for over 440 pesticide residues. For a copy of the testing results, please contact us.


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5 reviews for Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea

  1. Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea
    5 out of 5

    João (verified owner)

    This is an interesting tea. It somehow walks the line between a white and a green. I brewed it from 80º to 95ºC and, even though the leaves are quite delicate, I preferred the results with the hotter 90–95ºC water. The flavour is vegetal, slightly peppery, with a hint of spices, and there’s a really pleasant dry sweet finish. The aroma is floral and fresh, but primarily of wild flowers. I also got a really nice aroma of mashed potatoes from the lid of the gaiwan, especially during the first few infusions.
    It has good longevity with a nice mouthfeel and body, even in later steeps.
    Overall, I would describe this tea as quite a bargain. It isn’t a complex tea, but it’s very satisfying. You get a full 200 g cake for what is essentially sample-money. Not only that, but it benefits from being brewed with a low leaf-to-water ration, which makes it last that much longer.

  2. Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea
    5 out of 5

    Christina Nickolaychuk (verified owner)

    Really great tea for the value!

  3. Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea
    5 out of 5

    DJPAS (verified owner)

    A really special kind of white/green tea
    Floral delicate light but heavy (?!)
    Something really unique
    I cant say enough good things about this tea

  4. Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea
    4 out of 5

    loganrah (verified owner)

    At the moment I would put this tea in more of a green category flavour-wise than a white tea. I’m interested to see what happens to it over time though. Can be a bit much if over brewed (careful with grandpa style), but lovely with a lighter hand as suggested. A unique experience, and certainly worth a cake for a super refreshing taste when you’ve had too a bit much strong pu’er or heicha.

  5. Skinny Dip 2019 Spring Simao White Tea
    5 out of 5

    Christopher Lopez (verified owner)

    This is in my opinion a very fluffy and elegant tea. Clean, sweet, floral and a little vegetal note in the aftertaste.

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