Skinny Dip 2021 Spring Jinggu White Tea



While the 2021 version of this white tea is admittedly made from different material than the original Simao/Puer iteration, the profile is still quite close. This Yangta (Jinggu) white tea is unlike most Yunnan white teas you’ve probably tried, whether it be Moonlight White or something like our White Crow Shoumei.

The flavour is light and refreshing, with a slight grassy, vegetal quality that turns into a sweet finish. There is also an added depth and texture with this version compared to the 2019 release.

As this tea is quite unique, we recommend playing with your brewing parameters (time, water temperature, grams, etc) to dial in what works best for you.


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1 review for Skinny Dip 2021 Spring Jinggu White Tea

  1. 4 out of 5

    Martin Ödman

    Mix of green and brown leaves which is a first for me. Wet leaf smell after the rinse is unusual for a white tea: a bit roasted, lots of rocky minerality, and.. potatoes? Earthy? After a few infusions this is replaced by a more standard white tea smell. The soup has lots of minerality. The aromatics are mysterious, I can’t pin them down. Decidedly non-fruity which is unusual for white teas. I’ve tried brewing it with boiling water and 90c, boiling gave better results. 7-8g/100ml is how I roll. Lasts a moderate amount of infusions. An unusual white tea that I’ll continue experimenting with.

    This tea is an example of why I like Bitterleaf: it’s a budget tea lacking any major downsides. You get what you pay for, a bit more than you pay for I’d say! There’s no unpleasant elements in terms of taste, and more importantly no unpleasant effects on the body and mind either which can be a problem when it comes to cheaper teas. Then again, the positives are what you would expect from a tea in this price range. It’s not amazing, but as a budget choice or something simple to throw in a thermos this seems solid. I think many vendors would charge more for this.

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