The Tea Market Experience

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Welcome to the Tea Market Experience.

This is your opportunity to browse the tea markets of Kunming and beyond from your own home. Every once in a while we will change it up with a new interesting, unique and/or educational tea that we wouldn’t otherwise make available. No subscription is required, but these teas are limited in quantity.

This edition’s tea is a set of 4 aged and semi-aged Liubao teas, ranging from 2001 to 2016. However, the route to getting these teas is a little bit different than normal. As travel has been more limited in recent months, we didn’t go to Guangxi or to an actual tea market for these teas. Instead these were a few teas that we sampled while sourcing new heicha (which you can find here and make for a nice comparison).

In lieu of our normal set of questions, here are the source’s notes as they described the teas to us. For the record, we enjoyed all of these teas, which is why they’re here, but how accurate do you think the descriptions are? Each purchase includes a total of 87g of tea:

  • 25g of 2001 Teji Chun Jian Liubao (Spring Tips): “Sweet, light fruitiness and clean. The soup is thick and smooth”
  • 12g of 2010 Liubao: “Floral with some mushroom fragrance. Has already started to develop an aged taste, with a very good huigan.”
  • 25g of 2012 Liubao (Tips): “Woody, fragrant, and very good storage potential. Nice ginseng fragrance.”
  • 25g of 2016 Liubao: “An emphasis on the throat, with a light floral and fruity fragrance. This has been stored in wooden storage, giving a little bit of wood fragrance.”

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