Your Ripeness 2020 Daxueshan Ripe Puer



Same name, different tea. Our Ripeness redux returns with many of the same qualities that made the original a success, at a price that fits any budget.

Using a blend of Daxueshan and Menghai material, this inky shou balances a smooth and rich texture with a surprisingly crisp flavour that delivers a slight fruity-sweetness.

This tea uses 2018 material, fermented in early 2020 and pressed in March of 2021. While there has been plenty of time for this tea to rest off the pile, newly pressed shou can remain cloudy as it settles in. Expect the soup to become more vibrant as time goes on.


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2 reviews for Your Ripeness 2020 Daxueshan Ripe Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Daniel969 (verified owner)

    You wanted ripe, well here it is! I didn’t knew there could be young shou this ripe! The dry leaves aroma is fulfilling and notes of peach or nectarine comes to mind on first draft, then the earthen notes follow to bring you on a moutain side in automn! The firsts few brews are nice and strong, revealing cocoa and roasted cereals. Later brews brings coziness of warm fruity arôma.
    A nice tea to sip on a fresh and sunny summer morning. A nice addition, ready to drink freely,

  2. 5 out of 5

    Christopher Lopez

    Chocolatey, thick, sweet, a bit of dark fruits. It also surprises with a nice, slight energizing cha qi!

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