2021 Teaware Sample Sale – Gaiwans/Pitchers

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Welcome to the Bitterleaf Teaware Sample Sale!

This listing is for gaiwans and gongdaobeis only. Check out the other listings for cups, teapots or accessories.

Many of these teaware items are discounted for one reason or another, although some are pieces that we kept but never used, and are now willing to part with (so they’re not necessarily cheaper, just released into the wild).

Some pieces we purchased 1 or 2 of to test and decided not to sell for one reason or another. Other items may be last of stock or stowaways that never made it to the site, while others have minor cosmetic defects.

In the case of pieces with defects, we’ve done our best to highlight any issues and provide pictures for reference.

Essential measurements (volume) or are given for most pieces. In some cases, you may need to refer to the item’s original listing (if applicable) for further details.

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