6 Traditional Jingdezhen Glaze Teacups

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Each of these cups represents one of six traditional glazes in Jingdezhen ceramics. These glazes do not encompass all Jingdezhen glazes, but are representative of some of the more contrasting ones. Each cup measure approximately 6.5 x 5.5cm (WxH) and holds 70ml of liquid.

Douqing originated during the Song dynasty using the longquan kiln. Prior to the Qing dynasty, this glaze had a hint of yellow, but since turned greener.

Tianqing is known for having a simple, clean look, emphasizing purity of colour. This glaze is often noted in ruyao wares, but the Jingdezhen version (as pictured) features a more polished and smooth appearance. This glaze’s colour was originally controlled by the addition of cobalt.

Jiyouhuang originated during the Ming dynasty and carried through the Qing dynasty. During these times this colour of glaze could only be used by royalty, to the point that non-royalty who used yellow wares during the Ming dynasty would be executed.

Jilan is a traditional Han period glaze. It’s known for having a deep, even, blue glaze.

Jiqing has often be used to describe a glaze closer to Jilan, with a deeper blue colour. However, Jiqing technically refers to a similar glaze that is slightly lighter in appearance (qing/青 refers to a light colour between green/blue), but also one with a lower success rates.

Jihong is glaze from the Mingxuande period in Jingdezhen. This glaze original used copper as the source for its red colour.

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