100c Clay Boiler Kettles

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Each of these clay boilers/kettles are made from a fine imported Japanese clay and produced in Jingdezhen. As these boilers are made from clay, they take a little longer to heat up, but also retain heat very well, keeping your water hotter, longer.

There are currently 2 white/cream coloured kettles and one silver glazed kettle (using real silver). Each kettle is glazed inside and out, so these are not necessarily “raised” in the same way unglazed clay boilers are. However, the glaze used on these kettles has been developed by a studio that produces high-end boilers and also uses Japanese minerals/ore that help to soften water and make it more suitable for tea.

This patent glaze is also somewhat porous, allowing the kettle to naturally crackle. If you choose to cook or boil tea directly in the kettle it will also craze, forming dark lines inside and out. This effect can be produced with both the cream and silver coloured kettles.

Prior to first use we recommend boiling 3-4 rounds of water in order to remove any residual mineral taste.

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