Tea Meowster II Handmade Cat Tea Pet

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Each of these cat tea pets is handmade by an artist in Jingdezhen. Due to increasing costs and conditions to restock this will officially be the last batch. We recommend acting quickly before they’re gone forever!

Unlike real cats, these ones will stay where you put them, rather than climb onto the most inconvenient place, like your keyboard or book.

These cats were produced as a custom order just for Bitterleaf, hence the addition of tea elements (leaves, pots, cups). Some are also “anatomically correct” – in other words, they may have cat-testicles. If you’re uncertain whether a particular one of these tea pets will render your eyes unclean with visions of its unbridled meow-sculinity, please feel free to check with us first.

Each cat’s size varies slightly from one to another, but they range from 4-9cm in width at the base and 4-8cm tall depending on the pose. Please refer to the pictures when choosing a style below. As these have been restocked, the overall appearance will be the same as pictured, but there may be very, very slight differences in small details.

Also, please note that some pieces may have small surface cracks, particularly in the joints/areas that have been bent. We have been reassured by the artist, Xiong Han Ling, that this is very difficult to avoid and will not affect the structure of the tea pet or crack further.

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 cm
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