Aurora Wood Fired Gongdaobei

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Unique from piece to piece, batch to batch, the pieces from this series are the result of a long and meticulous wood firing process. Although the wood firing period only lasts for 65 hours, the entire process from loading to unloading the kiln takes place over 10 days in order to ensure the best results while minimizing breakage and mishaps.

This studio specifically uses a “special white clay” (特白泥) that was introduced by the then mayor of Jingdezhen in 1998, by way of Taiwan. Made of 16 raw ingredients, one special feature of this Taiwanese clay is it basically has no iron, which allows it to be glazed in any colour and perform well.

The wood used for firing is also carefully selected. In this case, only larger and older pieces of wood (masson pine) are used, as the smaller pieces do not perform as well and contain less trace elements. This choice of wood give a more translucent effect to the pieces.

The resulting pieces end up producing a subtle colour-shifting effect that become more noticeable with changes in light.

Each gongdaobei holds approximately 150-160ml of liquid. Please make a selection below to confirm the exact appearance.

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Weight 115 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 7 × 8.5 cm