Of a Feather Silver Glazed Teacups

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These teacups (and 1 coaster/tray) are 100% handmade and handpainted in Jingdezhen. Each one employs a beautiful real silver glaze that has a friendly bird painted in detail on the surface.

There is also one handpainted fish design, Garry, who thinks he’s a bird, but we didn’t have the heart to tell him.

This silver glaze is completely food safe, however, we do advise using extra caring with these teacups. Because they are made from silver the surface can tarnish, so be sure not to leave tea in them overnight and rinse thoroughly with water and dry when not in use. Don’t worry though. If you find that your cup is a bit tarnished, you can scrub with a magic eraser to clean and restore it to its natural shine.

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