Shifu & Friends Handpainted Shino Glaze Teacups

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Each of these teacups is absolutely one of a kind in terms of both their glaze and artwork. Made in Jingdezhen, these cups use a Shino glaze that produces a variable and dramatic effect from one cup to another. After this, an artist hand painted a unique scene according to the results of the firing.

This particular selection of teacups features a “master” and acquaintances, doing all kinds of zany things like playing music for birds, sitting precariously on feeble looking branches, flying, poking the sky with branches, having some baijiu with the boys, etc.

These cups range in size from 75-155ml. Select a cup from the drop-down menu below to confirm size and artwork.

11/14 – 2 New cups have been added: “Poke II” and “Reading”