Emperor Wood Fired Teapot – 1

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Please note that these teapots are at a slightly reduced price due to the presence of very minor, and often unnoticeable, cosmetic defects. These are mostly limited to small pinholes in the glaze, which do not affect the functionality at all.

These teapots each feature a unique, one of a kind appearance thanks to undergoing wood firing for several days straight. The smoke and ash produced during the process make contact with the teapots, producing intense and dramatic colour changes that can’t be reproduced.

These teapots hold approximately 120ml of liquid and have a pour of ~7 seconds.

Although this teapot is unglazed, it was wood-fired at a very high temperature for several days straight, resulting in glossy appearance on the outside. It is probably best to dedicate this teapot to one type of tea, however, we don’t have any strong recommendations as to which type suits it best and suggest experimenting early on to see what works best.

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Weight120 g
Dimensions10 × 6 × 7 cm
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