Instinct Delicate Gaiwan Yi & Er

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These gaiwans are part of series of unique gaiwans produced by an extremely creative and spontaneous couple in Jingdezhen, with (almost) no two that are the same. The pieces in this particular sub-series feature a more refined appearance, with a lightweight feel compared to some of the other work by this studio.

This gaiwans hold approximately 80ml (+/- 5ml) of liquid. Please make a selection below to confirm the exact gaiwan.

Formed by a highly creative young couple in Jingdezhen, this studio’s creations are driven more by an unrestricted vision of the results they want to see, rather than worrying about what will sell. This makes it quite difficult to categorize their work, as their ceramics employ various glazes, clays and techniques.

This approach spills over into their daily life. Many artists in Jingdezhen live in more somewhat dwellings, using their creativity and eye for aesthetics to make the most it. These artists also have a knack for turning ordinary and simple objects like a piece of wood or cloth into interesting creative decorations. Although their work covers a broad range in terms of appearance, they manage to have their own style, even if they regularly change it up to stay stimulated. If they were musicians, then they would be the type that can pick up any instrument and make it sound good.

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6.5 cm
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