Qinghua Garden Gaiwan

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Each of these gaiwans feature a “fanggu” (imitation antique) style glaze and painting. A different flower is handpainted within each qinghua window.

Each gaiwan holds approximately 80ml (+/- 5ml) of liquid, making it flexible for solo-drinking and sharing.

Please note that these gaiwans employ a vintage style “fanggu” glaze and therefore are not white, but predominantly grey with blue painting. This slightly rougher looking vintage look is intentional

These gaiwans may or may not also have surface crackles, which could develop over time. This is also an intended feature of this style of glaze and does not indicate any type of defect. We just don’t want you to be surprised.

Please make a selection below to confirm the exact appearance. Some have writing in red, while others in black. Please refer to the picture to indicate which style has which colour.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

Fully glazed

Production Type

Fully handmade

Production Region


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