Idyll Yixing Zisha Clay Xishi Teapot (Plum Branches)

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This Xishi (西施) shape Yixing teapot is fully handmade. The surface features delicately engraved plum blossoms and branches. Each of the teapots from this series employs a higher level of craftsmanship and artistry than what is commonly found, which is reflected in the quality and overall fit and finish.

This teapot holds approximately 110ml (+/- 5ml), with a pour speed of approximately 9 seconds to empty. It has a flat filter and tight-fitting lid. The walls of this teapot are relatively thin, but it allows for a very stable and comfortable hand feel that has to be experienced to fully appreciate. It also includes a certificate from the artist indicating the artist’s name, teapot shape and clay composition.

Please note that the clay type indicated on the certificate reads “original mine da hong pao clay” (原矿大红袍尼). See our blog post for more information on Yixing clay and pots.

Zisha (紫砂, lit. “purple sand”) clay from Yixing is valued largely due to the porous nature of the clay. As you use it, oils from your tea enter the pot, which can in turn season it and enhance the flavour of the tea you use it with over time. For this reason, we recommend dedicating your new Yixing teapot to one type of tea only (raw puer, shou puer, aged puer, black, dancong, yancha, etc) and never washing it with soap or anything else besides water. Please see the care instructions tab above for more details on seasoning and maintaining your teapot.

Additionally, a patina or surface shine will develop on the outside of the teapot due to its interaction with the tea, providing an aesthetic enhancement. Functionally, zisha teapots also have very good heat retention qualities.

After taking our time and easing ourselves into the world of Yixing teaware, we are happy to finally offer what we feel is a worthy selection of zisha teapots. For more information and insights into our experiences with Yixing zisha, please see the blog entries from our recent visit to Yixing.

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