Jianshui Zitao Purple Clay Easy Brew Teacup

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These easy brew cups are convenient for when you don’t want to gongfu, but still want tea. Made from 100% Jianshui zitao clay, each mug has 3 pieces: A body, filter and lid. Thick Jianshui clay walls mean that these hold heat nicely and are great to hold during the colder months.

To use, simply add tea, then water, then remove the strainer and place is on the lid while you drink your tea. It’s really that easy.

Please note that these easy brew contraptions have a capacity of 200ml when completely filled, however, we recommend only filling to 70-80%. This will ensure that it does not overflow during brewing, as well as that there is adequate room at the top to hold the mug until you can sip it down a bit.

As this is made from a poroous clay (Jianshui zitao), we recommend dedicating this piece to one type of tea. You can season it as you would a teapot, or at the very least rinse once or twice with freshly boiled water.

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Weight 375 g
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 9 cm
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