Solo Flight Jianshui Zitao Tea Set

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This set is the ideal compact setup for solo drinkers. In fact, a set just like this is often the preferred teaware of choice in the Bitterleaf household when doing computer or desk work as it keeps everything tidy and free of unnecessary clutter. The thick, Jianshui clay teacups are also effective at both keeping your tea and hands warm.

Each set consisted of:

1 x Jianshui zitao teapot – 3 shapes (Shipiao, Xishi, Longdan) and 2 colours (White or Black) available

1 x Jianshui zitao sculpted teacup (Red clay teacup with black pots, white teacup with white pots)

1 x Black tea tray (22 x 16cm)

Teapot sizes vary depending on the shape and colour, ranging from 90-130ml. Please make a selection to verify the size.

Please note that the white sculpted cups in these sets may have minor flaws, such as pinholes or small dents that were drawn out during firing. These are purely cosmetic and likely to be less noticeable with continued use. As such, the price for these sets has been reduced accordingly.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 1 cm
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