Tea Meowster Jianshui Zitao Purple Clay Cat Mugs

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These teacups are ideal for solo tea sessions, western brewing (just don’t expect us to sell tea bags) or even, dare we suggest… coffee. Each mug holds approximately 260ml, enough for 1-2 full infusions, depending on the size of your brewing vessel.

The combination of their larger size and the fact that they’re made from Jianshui zitao clay means they hold heat very well. Each cup has a hand-formed handle.

Most importantly though, these cups have adorable cats with attitude on them. These designs are engraved directly into 100% Jianshui zitao clay and then filled with other colours, not painted.

Please select the exact design of your mug from the drop down menu below.

Learn more about these artists here. Click here for adorable cat cups without handles.

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Weight 290 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9 × 7 cm
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