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Each of these teapots are fully handmade in Jingdezhen and feature a gentle blue glaze and compact size. These teapots will crackle and craze with continued use.

Please note that as these are full handmade pieces, appearance and dimensions may vary from one to another.

There are 2 styles available: One with vertical lines and one without (flat).

These teapots vary in size. Most are 70ml (+/- 5ml), but we encountered one each that are a bit smaller, at 55 and 60ml, which you can select below. Please note that the 60ml “Flat” teapot alright shows signs of crackling (pictured). This is the result of pouring tea in it one time, but otherwise remains unused. We just didn’t want you to be surprised.

Each pot has a fast 5-6 second pour speed and large multi-hole ball filter.

These pots are made from a rough clay and have an unglazed interior. We suggest dedicating them for use with one type of tea. If you’re uncertain what type of tea to use, there is no harm in testing out a few different teas to see what you feel is the best fit. And if you decide to use it for multiple types of tea, that is alright too.

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Weight85 g
Dimensions9 × 5.5 × 8 cm
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