Moon Shadow Gaiwan – Yao Bao

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These gaiwans are the “yao bao”, or kiln treasures that we originally intended to keep for ourselves. They feature some of the nicer and more desirable patterns from this last batch of gaiwans.

However, we realized our collection of these gaiwans is a bit excessive, which is why we are now offering some of our chosen ones to the general public.

Each of these gaiwans was produced by the same artist as our other moon-series gaiwans in Jingdezhen, and feature a glaze that blends purple, red, white and smokey colours.

While these gaiwans retain the same balanced feel in the hands and shape, they are cosmetically different. Instead of using rough clay as previously done, this batch of gaiwans are made from a finer white clay(瓷), more similar to porcelain. This results in a smoother overall appearance without any iron spots or carbon trappings.

View this artist’s work here or learn more about her.

Each gaiwan is similar in size and dimensions Although we did not measure any of these, they typically hold 110-120ml of liquid. Please verify the appearance by making a selection below.

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Weight200 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 8 cm
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